The most recent buzz talk dealing with technology is Apple buying Twitter data tools. According to people familiar with this subject, around 2 million dollars total was spent within the issue As state in the Wall Street Journal, its tools can decipher how often a term is tweeted, find an influential person on a specific subject, or measure the exposure of an event or campaign. It has been also stated that Apple occasionally buys other forms of technology and social media to develop something newer and more integrated. Nothing more has been stated or released on what Apple’s intention are with Twitter.

Newest fashion startup apps are blowing up.  The latest fashion-centered apps and websites do more than just rejuvenate your shopping habits, they can do near-like magical things like get tax deductions and show up all of your enemies at the upcoming Christmas parties by wearing (rented of course) Lorraine Schwartz jewels.  New innovative fashion apps are in high demand and continue to soar in this day in age.

Every online apparel shopper’s tribulation with fit is very real. It is an issue many sites like Virtusize, True Fit, and Clothes Horse have been aiming to resolve through complex algorithms and user-submitted body measurements. In this article ThirdLove’s Ios app utilizes computer vision and leverages sensors in its quest to find the perfect fit it states the newest answer for the right fit is in an iOS app and the power of selfies.  The app ThirdLove gains information’s through analyzing photos of your body down to the pixel. ThirdLove captures the personalized mobile experience, nixing all need for another lingerie salesperson with a measuring tape to trail you into the dressing room ever again.

In the article Why emerging technologies May Hold the future of fashion it explains how the company Decoded Fashion wants to bring emerging technologies into the fashion world. Decoded fashion is the future of fashion lies in a marriage with technology. One major theme was the importance of content marketing. Many in the fashion industry are still loath to engage on social media. They did this by embracing Instagram to “fill the cravings” of fans looking for insight into creative process.  Decoded Fashion used supermodel Coco Rocha, known for her dedicated use of social media who has two million followers on Google+ and half a million followers on Twitter to help promote their company new vision towards fashion and technology.

One thing that we have consistently focused on is the future of technology and the fashion industry merge. The Burberry chief executive Angela Ahrendts left the company to join Apple. This is a sign as to what the future holds. The article discusses the reasons behind hiring Ahrendts as well as the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent. It is been rumored that Apple is developing an ‘IWatch” which would be competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Apple explained that understanding fashion will be just as equally important as the engineering behind the watch.

Keeping with the technology theme, a new product is emerging. They are called ‘Concept clothes’. They are constructed by using CGI and actually not mean to be made or created. Some say the ‘Concept clothes’ are the ultimate haute couture clothing. It is impractical and improbable clothing that are show in haute couture lines. The ‘Concept clothes’ is even more elaborate than them.


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