Cellphones in the last decade have definitely changed the world in a positive way, especially for communication. However, police encourage the public to use landlines incase of emergency. There is one problem; most young people no longer have landlines. Police have said that in most emergency cases, it is almost impossible to find the actual location of the caller. This can be very dangerous in many situations.

Look out celebrities high-end retailers are now testing technology that scans customers against a database of celebrity and alerts store stylists and associates when there is a match.  According to NPR the software is being tested in dozens of undisclosed top-rated stores and hotels in the United States, United Kingdom and the Far East.  The software has been proven to work even if the person is wearing sunglasses or a hat to keep a low profile.  Furthermore, the new technology still recognizes celebrities even if they have aged, gained weight, has changed hair colors, or has grown facial hair.  After the matching has occurred the clerks are alerted via computer, iPad or iPhone and is given a list of customer’s preferences.  Retailers aren’t just focusing on celebrities, currently many US retailers’ track shoppers via smartphones and mobile apps.  By following these customers habits stores are able to gather data and information about the individuals.  For instance, how long a customer spends in the candy aisle and how much time they spend looking at merchandise before purchasing it.

In the article Wanelo: Social Commerce Site Is Big with Young shoppers it states the upsides and downsides of using social media to shop online. Avoiding small dressing rooms and skipping long checkout lines are defiantly a huge upside for online shopping. But it can also be challenging to find things to put in your cart if you do not know exactly what you’re shopping for.  Social media sites such as Fashion Tumblrs or Pinterest are certainly adept at displaying dreamy pictures of items you may want to buy but does not provide information on how to purchase an item. Deena Varshavakaya wanted to fix this problem by creating a fashion app called Wanelo.  Wanelo has the same aesthetic as the other trendy shopping sites but has one huge important different. Wanelo allows you to click on an image that you interested in and it will take you directly to the place where it’s available for sale. This site became very successful because it was not another like another horrible shopping site such as an image blog or Pinterest.  Wanelo became the No. 1 app in the lifestyle category in the Apple App Store.

Since CommuniTech is looking to develop a shopping app it is relevant to understand why people uninstall apps so our future users will not be inclined to do so.  Getting an app developed is the first step.  The more difficult and unnerving problems facing developers is user engagement.  Basically, how do developers get users to install apps and keep them installed?  The most frequent reason people uninstall apps is if the app does not offer anything helpful or unique.  If the app is engaging enough, developers can increase the likelihood of users to download the next app they are looking to create, which forms a continuous engagement cycle.  Another good tip is to avoid asking users who just installed an app to ill out a lengthy form, which leads to a poor experience for the user.  Asking for ratings initially can seem intrusive, ratings should be timed precisely in order to avoid user burnout.  User friendliness is also a concern because if an app takes more than a few seconds to learn how to use, the majority o users are going to uninstall it.  These tips are helpful when developing our app “4LocalsOnly”.

Google Shopping Express allows consumers to shop for everyday items from a range of national, regional and local stores, and then have products delivered to your doorstep the same day. In this article, Google Shopping Express launches in San Francisco Peninsula, Debuts New Apps it informs consumers on different items they can shop for in the newly launches Google Shopping Express apps for Android and iOS.  The apps let you use your retailer loyalty program, as well, in order to get the same savings you would otherwise receive. Google is not charging a delivery fee for this app for product non-members but the services on the app offers a subscription-based membership.

Every online apparel shopper’s tribulation with fit is very real. It is an issue many sites like Virtusize, True Fit, and Clothes Horse have been aiming to resolve through complex algorithms and user-submitted body measurements. In this article ThirdLove’s Ios app utilizes computer vision and leverages sensors in its quest to find the perfect fit it states the newest answer for the right fit is in an iOS app and the power of selfies.  The app ThirdLove gains information’s through analyzing photos of your body down to the pixel. ThirdLove captures the personalized mobile experience, nixing all need for another lingerie salesperson with a measuring tape to trail you into the dressing room ever again.


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