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Since we at CommuniTech want to invent a new discount fashion app it is crucial to understand what is going on within the payment world.  After analyzing an article about PayPal’s new venture it is important to understand the high momentum in retail payments.  This article explores the idea that PayPal is creating innovation rather than disruption by enabling a new feature where payments can be made using QR codes or four letter codes.  This plan of payment is much like the Starbucks wallet, which is a good indicator of success because, this aspect alone made the system very simple to deploy and scale at the thousands of Starbucks locations.  Many critics have said that this new approach does not employ any real and new innovation but in reality it is a highly integrated system that works with just about any large retail merchant. Compatibility such as these are the building blocks of innovation. In today’s technologically driven society it is no mystery that marketers and retailers want to reach shoppers on their smartphones or tablets. However, just because a consumer is using their mobile device doesn’t always mean they’re always on the go. A study showed that 68% of consumers’ smartphone use is happening in the home. Most of this time is not spent actually shopping though. About 46% of their engagement is spent on what they referred to as “me time”. “Me time” was defined as seeking relaxation or entertainment, for example watching funny videos, reading a gossip website, playing solitaire, or even window shopping. People spent an average of 864 minutes a month engaging in “me time”. Only 12% or 126 minutes per month were spent actually shopping for a product or service. This information may help marketers and retailers understand where there consumers are spending their time when they’re online and how they can better reach these consumers. Everyone loves saving money. No one likes cutting coupons. It is time consuming and tedious. With holidays around the corner many people are turning to their smartphones and tablets to access apps and daily deal sites to make sure they’re saving every penny they can. According to a recent Nielsen survey of U.S. consumers who report using their phone or tablet in the shopping process actually turn to the retailer’s website for mobile coupons significantly more than other sources. 54% of mobile shoppers who have used a coupon on their mobile device or tablet said they obtained that coupon from the retailer’s website. It’s obviously the preferred way of getting deals, followed by deal-of-the-day websites, such as Groupon or Living Social, and then retailer apps, third party websites and deal-of-the-day apps ranking about the same with 20% of consumers using these. Groupon is the most widely used daily deal app among consumers with 91% of people saying that they had used the app on their phone and 60% using it on their tablet. The President of Strategic Initiatives at Nielsen, John Burbank, stated that, “When it comes to seeking out deals, consumers are going to the most convenient, reliable sources. This creates an opportunity for retailers and daily deal sites to streamline the process of gathering deals and coupons for users, ultimately increasing website and app traffic to drive sales.” Obviously shopping apps are becoming quite popular with consumers around the world. In June 2012, Nielsen conducted another survey that showed that almost half of American smartphone owners (47%) used shopping apps. Overall, 45 million smartphone users used apps that were in the Shopping/Commerce category. They also accessed these apps 17 times on average during the month of June. In June eBay and Amazon apps topped the list having 13 million and 12 million unique users. Also, Target and Walgreens had a significant amount of mobile shoppers looking for the best deals. Don Kellogg, Director of Telecom Insights at Nielsen stated that, “Retailers are finding that consumers are willing to use smartphone apps to enhance their shopping experience, and this data shows usage of shopping apps is growing.” Some other companies that made the Top Shopping Apps list were Groupon, Living Social, Shopkick, Out of Milk, and RedLaser. Kellogg also made it known that as more Americans use their smartphones to shop and make purchases directly through apps, retailers need to consider personalizing their targeted offerings according to the needs of individual customers. The article 10 tips on using social media for business tells you what social tools to use for any business or profession and how to apply these tips in most social media situations. The first tip is to decide what your goal is in using each social media tool and reassess from time to time how well the tool is serving that goal. It states not to use just one or two tools but it’s better to use a few tools well than to use too many tools ineffectively. It is also important to find the right way to make social-media tools play with each other by using Facebook connect, Slideshare & TripIt apps on LinkedIn and Twitter apps. Some of the last tips the article stated was to consider the time you spend with social media and respond when people are addressing or talking about you, even just to say thanks or to note disagreement.  The last tip listed was to decide whether it is appropriate for someone in your position in your business or profession to mix or segregate personal and professional social-media communication. “Twitter users should start seeing more pictures and videos in their main feed – and that means more visual ads, too.” The website online as well as mobile applications view will be effected. Also, users can preview the images in the feed. With Twitter being so popular among such a variety of different aged people, this will be a huge help to businesses. This change will allow different companies with various products be able to reach a larger target market.


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