This Week’s Fashion and Technology Roundup

The fact that technology is changing the world is an understatement. Technology is changing what our world is coming to. In the Wall Street Journal there is an article “Data Mining Thanks to Twitter.” Twitter is no longer just a social media site. Twitter is even affecting companies. “Twitter’s real-time data stream has turned the firm into the industry giant. Even the Library of Congress has begun to catalog its tweets.” Social media sites are becoming the most valuable use of communication with people and companies. Even restaurant chains are using Twitter to analyze the comparison of their hamburger-bun to other restaurants. Twitter is having a huge effect on the entire economy and is slowing changing how the world communicates. In recent years, the fashion industry has benefitted greatly from the numerous technological advances the world has seen. It’s now possible to shop online from your home or even on your mobile device. You no longer have to go into a store to purchase your favorite clothing. On October 3rd the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Google launched an incredibly innovative new e-commerce platform for consumers.  With new technology from Google consumers can hang out with Diane von Furstenberg and shop her fashion line simultaneously. Diane von Furstenberg was named the most powerful woman in the fashion industry in 2012. This technology allows people to use a Google+ Hangout on Air app and shop the fashion line in a sidebar. It was the first fashion-meets-tech event to occur. Diane von Furstenberg is not the only designer that will be included. It will also include Marcus Wainright and David Neville of Rag & Bone, Rebecca Minkoff, and Rachel Zoe. One of the most popular social media platforms in recent years has been Instagram. And again technology has seemed to change the fashion industry. Instagram is completely changing how a fashion show or an event is documented and shown to the public. When a designer Instagrams anything it creates an immediate internet buzz. Another way that technology or more specifically Instagram is changing fashion is the “selfie”. It is has made certain types of blogs unnecessary and it’s also an amazing way to self-promote your brand or yourself. Even companies as well known and powerful as Vogue have started an Instagram campaign. With technology constantly changing it’s important for the fashion industry to keep up with it. Obviously blogging has taken the fashion world by storm. Everywhere you look there are fashion bloggers and fashion sites. If someone is trying to make a business out of their blog they of course have outrageous amounts of competition. If you want to be successful at this there are certain things a blogger has to do. The first-thing they need to do is decide what their niche is and go from there. Some examples of this are the fashion blog Fashion Toast was one of the first to post editorial style professional grade photos on her blog and PS I Made This customized her niche by contextualizing her DIYs to runway trends. What you can take away from this is if you want to stand out and be successful you have to be a game changer. Some ways to do this is to research your niche, know it inside and out. Another way is to put together a list of your personal favorite blogs, magazines, books, tv shows, and movies. They don’t have to relate to your niche but you can draw inspiration from them and list ways they could change and transform your niche. Next figure out where you want to see your niche going and take all the best elements of your research and make your dream come true! One of the newest social media platforms that emerged is Vine. It allows people to record 6-second videos that play on a loop. It has been enormously popular and very entertaining. Some “viners” have even been able to team up with companies and provide a form of advertising. As it’s been stated earlier the fashion world has embraced technology and is evolving with it everyday. Fashion blogs are an amazing way to reach people and get your name out there. There are a few things that fashion bloggers can do with Vine that can help them become more successful. Since this app allows you to stop the recording and then continue when you’re ready fashion bloggers are now able to do quite a few things with 6-seconds. They give short DIY tutorials, promote your blog by using friends, show outfits on you, on the hanger, and in motion. They can also use it tell people to follow your blog, RSVP to an event, show must-have items or have a daily style challenge. With technology becoming so prevalent in our everyday life sometimes it’s hard to detach yourself. No matter where you look technology is somehow incorporated into every business or social setting. When does technology start to change our way of life and our manners? The New York Times had reported a trend in the Styles section of the Sunday paper that discussed how people’s social calendars have evolved with faster communication. The article really questioned how technology and social media may have changed our behavior and made us into “ill-mannered flakes” when making plans with our peers. For example, you make plans with someone but then 10 minutes before the meeting you send a text saying you can’t make it. When you couldn’t text message someone to cancel on them you had to call. The technology has taken the awkwardness out of it and with this easy communication you can schedule more and cancel then re-schedule without a second thought. 


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