A New Beginning

Since CommuniTech’s main focus is the development of the mobile App Smart Shopper. It is crucial to understand that entrepreneur’s today have a chance to take their innovation and team up with startups.  Recently, there has been a need for startup companies to seek employees with the drive and passion for entrepreneurship.  Co-founder of commercial real-estate startup 42Floors has spoken about how he wants employees who can work on their feet, in a timely fashion, and are able to come up with ideas without being told or any direction.  Individuals who possess these characteristics are able to help reshape the company.  Even more so it has been mentioned that nonentrepreneurs sometimes cannot handle the loose structure and work without guidance.  Although CommuniTech’s mobile App is not in the field of real-estate it is still beneficial to understand that entrepreneurs every where have a future ahead in all industries.In the article, Entrepreneur Smarts: 30 Lessons I Learned in 30 Years, Lewis Howes gives us insight about what he’s learned throughout his young adulthood. It’s inspiring to hear these things from a young entrepreneur because it reminds us that it’s not a walk in the park. There are things you have to remind yourself to do in order to make it to where you aspire to be. Simple things like his number 1. Don’t worry so much. Little things that we can do in our day-to-day lives can change the way we live and how we succeed. Through the article, How to create effective social-media guidelines, by Ellyn Angeiotti, she stresses the importance of having a guideline for social media use when posting about a company or product. We are shown that posting using social media as an outlet for a company or product can either be extremely effective or detrimental. She says that their should be strict guidelines but not so strict that it cripples people’s ability to be creative and prevent them from reaching a certain goal. According to the article Mobile apps “Made in the U.S.A” are becoming relatively fewer and fewer the percentage of mobile apps coming from the U.S. fallen. There have some geographical changes when it came to who was writing the apps. In the study that was conducted 40% of a consumers’ time is spent in apps created in other countries. The study indicated that although the majority of time spent in apps based out of the U.S. it might not be that way for long. In the UK a majority of the time is spent in apps that are created overseas. App developers that have a global view may be leading the trend and this trend is expected to continue. The theory behind why the large growth in worldwide apps is that the barriers to entry have been reduced because of app stores and low costs of development overseas. This probably doesn’t matter to users but it does probably matter to U.S. based developers who don’t seem to have a global view. According to the article What You Can Learn From Profitable New Media Companies being in the media business can be very difficult. There are unbelievable amounts of competition doing close to if not the exact same thing as you are. The companies with the highest profit are The Huffington Post, Gawker Media, The Awl, Business Insider, SAY Media, Vox Media, and BuzzFeed. There were specific things that set these companies apart and gave them an advantage over their competitors. The first quality that sets them apart is that they have a niche. These companies have chosen to deliver content to a very specific audience. The audience they’re trying to reach is what determines the content they deliver which leads into the next aspect that sets them apart. The reader engagement is a major factor in separating these companies from others. They encourage readers to engage with the content. The readers are urged to make posts and comment on stories. None of the stories that are provided are straight news they’re a mixture of commentaries. The next thing that has pushed these companies to the top is the fact that they are not afraid to make money, and let it be known that that’s what they are doing. Advertisements and sponsored content are all over these sites and stories. Some of these companies such as BuzzFeed have started giving workshops to brands on how to tell a story online. According to the article What the world population is doing on smartphones and social networks86% of U.S. adults own some type of smart phone and are more likely to use the internet and capture pictures and videos on them. Today majorities of Americans are looking up consumer information, getting political news, getting work-related information and accessing social networks.  In social media activities, users share views about music, community issues, sports, religion and politics. The survey that was conducted in this article stated that most Americans share views about music and movies the most.  This survey consisted of 26,210 interviews across the nation and 1,011 interviews within the U.S.


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